The Chattanooga Chapter, Alabama Alumni & Friends, began in the fall of 1978 with Walt Danley as the first president. Prior to that, there was an active social club, but it never became an official chapter. At the request of the president of the National Alumni Association, Linda and John Covington came to Chattanooga and worked with Walt to get an official chapter started. Walt was named the first official president in the fall of 1978 and continued as president until March, 1980, when he moved away from the area. The chapter was inactive for a short while. When it was activated again, Kent Keasler became the new president.

Name Years Served
Walt Danley 1978-1980
Kent Keasler 1981-1984
Bill Moore 1984-1986
Belinda Thornton 1986-1988
William Marsh 1988-1989
Fred Williamson 1989-1991
Larry Byrd 1994-1995
Joe B. Johnson 1994-1996
Terry Nida 1996-1997
Jean Adair 1997-1998
Joe B. Johnson 1998-1999
Tim Miller 1999-2000
Jerry Finley 2000-2001
Sharon Vaughn 2001-2002
Dee Dee Womack 2002-2003
James Hicks 2003-2004
Terry Nida 2004-2005
Tim Miller 2005-2006
Maxine McKenzie 2006-2007
Robert Moss 2007-2008
Ronald McKelvy 2008-2009
Loyd (Butch) Cox 2009-2010
Christina Cox 2010-2011
Rusty Baxley 2011-2012
Alan Hutchins 2012-2013
Mona Allday 2013-2016
Terry Nida 2016-2017
Steve Reno 2017-2018